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Here is the original Discuss Detroit thread started by "Mary_murphy" [en franšais, gracieusetÚ de Google Translate]. She is requesting help in finding more information about her paternal grandfather.

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This is all that "Mary_murphy", a French citizen who is learning English, knows about him:


Below are the individuals named "William Murphy" we have found so far who might fit the known information and the age limits of the First Draft Registration. More individuals might be added if we find additional records. Click on the links to view the source document or location map.

A "red cell" at the far left means that individual could not have been the father of RenÚ because of the reason given in red in the far right cell. It is assumed that anyone just registering for the draft on 12 September 1918 could not have possibly been inducted and sent to France in the time for the conception - therefore no further information is needed on that person.

As a result of the research conducted by DtCtyGrl, Lferg, Faygoredpop and myself, through the process of elimination we have been able to reduce the list down to 4 possible men with the name William Murphy from Michigan who were (or could have been) in the US Army during 1918.

UPDATE: 03 August 2009

I received this response today from the National Personnel Records Center informing me that their search for the military personnel files of William Murphy (#1) was unsuccessful. They conclude that his file was destroyed in the 12 July 1973 fire. However, they informed me that they were able to find his Final Pay Voucher and that a photocopy may be ordered for a $20.00 reproduction fee. But after reading their enclosed "Final Pay Voucher Fact Sheet", it appears that this document would not contain any information that would be useful for our search.

Rather than expending any more effort on William Murphy #1 at this time, I will submit a SF-180 for William J. Murphy #18 as soon as I can.

UPDATE: 20 October 2009

I contacted the New Albany National Cemetery to see what additional information they might have about William J. Murphy #18. The only useful information they could provide was the fact that he served in the "Ordnance Department" of the US Army. Adding that fact to the other information we have collected about him, I filled out his SF-180 Request form and mailed it today to the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, MO.

UPDATE: 30 November 2009

I received a form letter response from the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, MO regarding the "SF-180" I submitted for William J. Murphy #18. As with William Murphy #1, they indicate that his military personnel records were either damaged or destroyed in the July 1973 fire and they asked me to fill out and return this "NA Form 13075", which I have done.

Now we will have to sit back and wait again. In the meantime, I have found our William J. Murphy #18 in an on-line family tree and I have e-mailed the owner of that family tree to see if he has any more information about him, but I have not yet received a response.



  Last First Middle Birth Early Census
1917 Location 1918 Location 1920 Census Location 1930 Census Location Death Sources, Remarks and/or Conclusions
1 Murphy William P. 22 Nov 1893 in Tamarack, Mich. 1910 Kearsarge, Mich. (05 June) Juvigny, France (28 Aug - 01 Sept) Kearsarge, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. possibly 30 Aug 1969 in Saginaw, Mich. (miner, tall with brown hair)
The 32nd Division in the World War
SF-180 submitted, informed that his personnel file was destroyed in the 1973 fire at the National Archives - Mikeg
2 Murphy William Patrich
18 March 1899 in Calumet, Mich.     Calumet, Mich. (12 Sept) Calumet, Mich. (shipping clerk, mining company) Registered for draft too late.
3 Murphy Wm. J. circa 1893       Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich.
Stosh, Lferg; 1920 Census: Wife: Loretta, lived on Northwestern St.; 1930 Census: not a veteran, Supt. at Dept. Store.
Same person as # 7.
4 Murphy William Leslie 23 Oct 1896 in S. Boardman, Mich. 1910
Kalkaska Co., Mich.
  Detroit, Mich. (05 June) Warren Twp., Mich. (medium height, slender build, brown hair) (bookkeeper, Ford Motor Co.)
5 Murphy William Leo 15 Feb 1899     Detroit, Mich. (12 Sept) ("heater" at Anderson Forge Co.) Registered for draft too late.
6 Murphy William Charles 11 March 1898     Detroit, Mich. (12 Sept) (chauffeur) Registered for draft too late.
7 Murphy William Joseph 19 May 1892 in Detroit, Mich. 1900
Detroit, Mich. (05 June)   Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. March 1980, in Mich.
Draft Registration: Married, lived on Northwestern St., office supt. at J.L. Hudson.
Same person as #3,
not a veteran, per 1930 Census.
8 Murphy William   08 Aug 1891 in Greenfield Twp., Mich. 1900
Greenfield Twp., Mich.
Greenfield Twp., Mich. (05 June)   Greenfield Twp., Mich. Detroit, Mich. (farmer) Mikeg
not a veteran, per 1930 Census.
9 Murphy William T. 28 Sept 1890 in Wyandotte, Mich. 1910
Wyandotte, Mich.
Wyandotte, Mich. (05 June)   Wyandotte, Mich. Wyandotte, Mich.
126 S. Riverbank St.
current photo) (1910: oiler, shipyard; 1930: fireman, city fire dept.) Mikeg.
not a veteran, per 1930 Census.
10 Murphy William Fletcher 19 Dec 1892 in Ohio   Detroit, Mich. (05 June) (shoemaker) Mikeg,
"Mute", exempted from draft, DtCtyGrl
11 Murphy William Evan 11 Jul 1895 in Pickford, Chippewa, Mich 1900
Pickford, Mich. (05 June )   Pickford, Mich. (tall, medium build, brown hair)
12 Murphy William Henry 01 May 1887 in Charlestown, Mass.   Arlington, Mass. (05 June)       Sep 1983, in Mich. Social Security Death Index, Mikeg
Draft Card, Lferg (5ft. 10in., medium build, light brown hair)
Not living in Michigan in 1917.
13 Murphy William   13 Jan 1893 in New Orleans, LA   Detroit, Mich. (05 June )       Sep 1970, in Mich. Social Security Death Index. Mikeg
"Race: Colored, Hair: Black" from Draft Reg Card. DtCtyGrl
14 Murphy William   29 Nov 1889 in Auburn, N.Y.   Syracuse, N.Y. (05 June)       Oct 1969, in Mich. Social Security Death Index. Mikeg
Draft Card, Lferg (medium height & build, black hair)
Not living in Michigan in 1917.
15 Murphy William   19 May 1892 in ?           Mar 1980, in Mich. SSDI. Mikeg (birthdate is same as #7)
16 Murphy William Henry 28 Nov 1883     Detroit, Mich. (12 Sept) 1004 Milwaukee Ave., Detroit, Mich. (machinist)
Registered for draft too late.
17 Murphy William James 29 Oct 1894 1900 1910 Alma, Mich. Alma, Mich. (05 June)   Alma, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Vancouver Ave.   (short, medium build, dark brown hair) 1930 US Census: WW I veteran, married to Louise, Drug Store proprietor. Lferg
Not living in Detroit in 1917.
18 Murphy William J. 16 April 1895 in Detroit, Mich. 1900 1910 Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. (05 June )
Mullett Ave.
  Detroit, Mich. Mullett Ave. Detroit, Mich. Mullett Ave. 10 Dec 1959, in ?, buried in the New Albany National Cemetery, [grave location map] 1930 US Census: single, WW I veteran, polisher at auto factory. Lferg, DtCtyGrl. 1917 Draft Card, (short, medium build, brown hair) Machinist, Faygoredpop; per his grave marker, he was a Private First Class in the US Army Ordance Dept; SF-180 mailed 10 Oct 2009, Form 13075 mailed 28 Nov 2009, MikeG.
19 Murphy William   19 April 1895 in ?           Nov. 1970, Beaverton, Gladwin Co., Mich. Social Security Death Index

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